Sunday, May 1, 2011

new growth....

I am participating in a group art show with some of my very favorite artists. We just installed today and it looks so amazing! Check out the lineup! the name of the show is "new growth" and the pieces are surprisingly spring like. It looks great.

I have been in a place where I am loving creating stories with my paintings. For this show I made a zine to go with the painting. It is a story in pictures that describe the image on the canvas. Each zine is hand colored and signed, they are only $10 each people! I also made a 3 dimensional piece to go with it....It is a surprise! I will post pics later, but for now you have to go to the upcoming show to see it.

Here are a couple sample images from the zine, these are the black and white images before they were touched up with color.

come to the show!

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Cat said...

Soooo....looks like he's a leg man, heh heh...heh.....