Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gen Art Vanguard Miami

Art Basel was insane. I saw some amazing works. It was so great to see all these amazing pieces together. The best part was of the trip was the Gen Art Vanguard Art Fair and Charcoal Studios. The Satellite Gallery was there with works from artists in Asheville. It was great to see Asheville represent in such a huge venue.

The show was sponsored by Bombay Sapphire Gin. There were models dressed in blue green dresses in swimcaps walking around handing out drinks. And some of them did this amazing water ballet.........

....this is how they stir your drinks

Me and Sas Christian, she was so nice and I was super excited to meet her.
Doug and Oscar posing with some street art.

Bill giving props to Oscar........

Oscar wrote on some buildings with this cool laser pen.

Doug and a Bombay Sapphire model.

This was an amazing Colin Christian piece that was
At the entrance of the show.

Here are my pieces dispayed in the Satellite booth.

It was such a fun night. I have some more pictures that I need to sort through but these are a sampling of how cool the show was.

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