Sunday, November 30, 2008

Art Basel show.......

So Wednesday I leave for Miami with my family. I am so so excited about the whole adventure that I'm about to go on. Doug and I have been planning to go for about 11 months. We started to prepare and plan for it. Doug and I have wanted to go for the last three years but it was so hard to organize around life. I am so excited to immerse myself in art and absorb it all. The best part is I am going to have some pieces showing in Miami ( Vanguard Art Fair Charcoal Studios 2135 NW 1st Avenue Miami, FL 33127 Wynwood Arts District). My paintings will be hanging with some amazing artists. I posted two pictures above of my newest pieces that will be on display.

The one with the whale is a painting called "Tragedy of a Love Affair". It's about a girl and a whale that are lovers. The torment of their relationship and their differences drives the whale to beach itself and implode from the pressure.

The painting with the unicorn girl is called "Parents". It is about a girl and her dark relationship with her parents. She is the result of misshapen creatures. She is awkward and mysterious and she feels connected and drawn to the ocean.

Anyway.....I'll keep this blog updated on the show....:)

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